Monday, February 20, 2012

How to extend the life of your car

Today, more than ever, it’s important to get your money’s worth out of a car. With the high price of fuel, who has the extra cash to buy a new car? Doing your best to avoid costly repairs and unnecessary expenses is critical to your pocketbook, and there are countless steps you can take to extend the life of your car. These are few general rules of thumb.
Regular maintenance
Perhaps the easiest way to get the bang for your buck when it comes to your vehicle is performing regular maintenance. Keep an eye on your car’s mileage to ensure a timely oil change. Most service stations also check other components of your car when performing an oil change. Spending a few dollars here and there beats paying out a small fortune for a fix that likely could have been avoided with regular maintenance and checkups.
Careful driving
Another relatively simple way to prolong your car’s life is through your everyday driving. Don’t drive like you’re competing in the Indy 500. Drive the speed limit, take curves and bumps with ease, and avoid erratic turns. This safe driving, of course, will not only help your car, but it will protect the lives of other motorists.
Quality gas
Try to find a reputable service station where you feel comfortable filling your car up with fuel. Ask questions. Does the station regularly change its pump filters? Some stations don’t have pump filters, making your car more vulnerable to being filled with dirty gasoline. Is the product watered down? Some stations may not mix alcohol and fuel properly or their product may be watered down. In addition, if you drive a vehicle (sports car, higher-end car) that calls for high-test fuel, use it. Vehicles that call for premium fuel run better on premium fuel. It also is a good idea to note that, if you see a gasoline tanker at a station, don’t fill up then. Go to another station or come back another day. As the station’s underground tanks are being filled, the turbulence can stir up sediment that - in your gas can - can clog fuel filters and injectors.
Keep it clean
Wash your car regularly and keep its interior clean. Polishing or waxing occasionally also will help maintain your car’s appearance. Keep a check under the hood, as well as underneath your vehicle, to ensure the quick removal of any potentially harmful debris.
Good insurer
Accidents and the unavoidable happen so, when something unexpected strikes, having car insurance that will help pay for expenses is a blessing. Having a good insurer that will pay for parts from the original manufacturer with a repairs guarantee will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be back in top form to the best possible standard.

This guest blog post was written by Freedom Rims, a Responsible Military Lender since 1983. Freedom Rims offers military financing for a variety of rims and tires including Mezzano Rims and BIGG Rims throughout the USA.

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