Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Save Money on Gas by Driving Safe

This guest blog post was written by Freedom Rims, a Responsible Military Lender since 1983. Freedom Rims offers military financing for rim and tire packages throughout the USA.

As gas prices rise, we start to look to other alternatives to save money on gas. One of the easiest ways to save money on gas is by driving safe. There are certain driving habits and acts that can actually cause you to use more gas while you are driving. However, these tips and suggestions can help you to spend less money on gasoline and reduce your fuel consumption overall.
Tips to Follow:
  • Speed Limit
Following the speed limit can benefit your automobile and your wallet because rapid acceleration and speeding wastes gas. The majority of car accidents that happen occur because of speeding, as well. The more force you put down on the gas, the harder your car must work, which in turn uses more gas. Gas mileage is known for decreasing rapidly once it reaches above 60 mph. Slow down and your fuel mileage will increase.

  • Cruise Control
Using cruise control when you are on an interstate or long road can be beneficial. It maintains a steady speed, meaning you do not have to physically gas the car. Be aware that this is ideal for flat highways and roads. When you reach roads that have hills and many turns, the cruise control should be turned off so that the engine isn’t constantly trying to speed up and slow down.

  • Don’t Idle
When you are stopped and parked somewhere, turn your car off. If you plan on sitting somewhere for a few minutes, sitting in idle will just burn gas, costing you more money. Turn the car off and restart it once you are ready to go. This will save you a great deal on gas. Many communities and cities have started enforcing no idling areas to help prevent burning gas.

  • Extra Weight
The more you have in a car, the more gas it takes to move it. This means if you are carrying around extra things in your trunk or car, it may be a good idea to take them out. Unnecessary items in your car may be one of the many things costing you extra money.

  • Brake
Efficiency saves the most money. When you slam your breaks over and over again you are being inefficient. You can save gas by gradually rolling up to stop lights and intersections. Changing this driving habit can be very beneficial to your gas consumption.

  • Alternatives
Consider using public transportation or carpooling systems around your area. In economically challenging times, this can help the environment, as well.
Driving safely can cut down transportation and gas costs. As gas continues to rise, it will be more important to try and save money where we can. Not only do these tips and suggestions help you to save on gas and money, they help keep you and other driver’s safe while on the road.

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