Sunday, June 19, 2011

Equity Release – A Smart Way to Grab Happiness

If you have just a couple of days in hand to retire and you have still not chosen your appropriate retirement scheme, it’s not late. Well, this does not mean that you must go for pensions. If you want to live happily after retirement, equity release can be a great option. Rather, you can fulfill all your luxurious dreams and can even take care of your family as well. There are plenty of schemes under equity release that can absolutely gear up your lifestyle and make your retired life a joyous one. Now, the concept of equity release can seem a bit perplexed. Therefore, you can take advice from online equity release agents and accordingly choose your scheme.

As far as the term ‘equity release’ is concerned, it’s a scheme where a senior citizen or a retiree can release money in the form of equity he has accumulated all throughout the years against his own home. So, you will have to simply release cash to a home reversion company and in return you will be get payments either on monthly or weekly basis depending on the scheme you choose. There are plenty of websites that can help you connect to professional equity release representatives. If you wish, you can speak to them personally and fix up a personal meeting.
It’s always advisable for all equity release applicants to first know the terms and policies prior to applying. These schemes are exclusively designed for individuals who are either 55 or above. Moreover, you must own a property that should stand in good conditions. Remember, you can earn more only if you can provide your property in good conditions. Also, you are not required to leave your property or relocate. You are always allowed to stay in your own home as long as you can. Lifetime mortgage and home reversion schemes are the most reputed equity release schemes.

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